Where Has Your Quiet Mind Gone


Your mind is racing so is your heart, you’re sweating and starting to feel all of those old familiar feelings that let you know that things are taking a turn for the worse.  You don’t want to panic but you’re so sure that you are.  How can you get control and slow down your thoughts to calm yourself is a question that you find yourself asking once again. This is what it’s like living life with anxiety and panic.  A life that takes you around and around in a cycle that you want so much to put a stop to but doing that can be very hard. It can take a toll on you mentally while breaking you down physically as you look to yourself and others for he help you need to get back in control of those racing thoughts in your head.

Anxiety can cause you to panic but not everyone has the same effects.  If you are one of those people who are burdened with panic attacks, this can be very devastating to you as well but so much of the time, these walk hand in hand.  Even though you may know the symptoms like the back of your hand, it is never easy when it happens.  You can never get use to those same symptoms and feelings that strike you time and time again.  Your mind just won’t let you do that.  It’s as frightening this time as it was the first time.  This is what anxiety and panic can do to you.  You feel like you’re losing control which is an awful feeling and you’re left wondering if you will come back from that.

Of course there is a difference between the 2.  Anxiety and panic both are frightened but have their own scary feelings.  To become panicked isn’t surprising when you can’t control your thoughts because you feel so out of control.  You are fighting with your mind which many may not grasp but unless you have this condition, it is not easy to understand how hard it is to stop what is raging in your head.  What so many take for granted is something cherished by others.  Being able to control your thoughts is truly a Blessing in a world of anxiety and panic and any other disorder of the mind.

Dealing with all of this makes you wonder will you ever get your life back.  Will those thoughts that are running rampant in your head ever slow down and let you rest.  Will you ever be able to get the sleep that you crave even while being exhausted because your mind won’t be still.  Will you be able to sit still just for a little while without panicking for something that you know in reality isn’t your reality.  Why is your mind playing tricks on you just to keep you thinking this way.  One moment calm the next not so much.  How can a person sustain with this kind of turmoil going on in their head.  Being anxious about everything is so hard on the mind and the body.  This is anxiety and it is such a painful thing to see and experience. To have your life turned upside down by this disorder or any disorder is devastating.

Anxiety Attacks: may make you feel fearful, apprehensive, may feel their heart racing or short of breath but it’s very short-lived all brought on by stressors.  Panic attacks: isn’t brought on by stressors and it’s unpredictable,  You feel you’re going to have a heart attack and there a host of physical symptoms and you’re seized by terror, fear or apprehension.  There is so much more to these disorders and more that most suffer from along with these disorders but not always.  It varies with each individual.  Never give up the fight because giving up is letting this disorder win.

Remember you’re not alone!

His Anxiety-Panic–A Parent’s Pain


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Is Your Mind Working Overtime


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When Anxiety and Panic Strikes


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